Account Services

CSB is adamant when it comes to bringing banking solutions that fit into our customers day to day life. Providing these options allows our customers to accomplish their day to day tasks with one less thing to worry about.


ATM & Debit Mastercards

With the Community State Bank Debit Mastercard, you can enjoy a whole new level of banking and shopping convenience. As a debit card you can pay for your purchases without cash, checks or credit cards. As an ATM card you can have quick and easy access to cash and Community State Bank designated accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All in one amazing card!

Pay for your purchases anywhere you see the Mastercard Debit, symbol - over 12,000,000 locations around the world. Department stores, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and more.

Safer than carrying cash, easier than writing checks. And unlike credit cards there is no monthly bills or finance charges.


Introducing CardValet® the App on your phone that helps protect the cards in your wallet. With CardValet you get to decide how your cards are used and be notified right away. You can choose to receive alerts by location, merchant type, transaction type, or even amounts. You can even turn your cards on and off instantly, when it is off purchases are declined. Use this App to disable lost or stolen cards to prevent fraud, customize card controls to restrict purchases to your GPS location or limit purchases to merchant. If a purchases do not meet your criteria it is declined. CardValet® is great for controlling and monitoring spending. Getting started is as simple as downloading the App and following the steps to setup a new user.

Enhanced Security Chip Cards

We would like to welcome the Enhanced Security Chip Cards to CSB. Over the next year (completion date roughly 9/2017), Chip Cards will be issued in groups. Once you receive your Chip Card, activate it by following the instructions on the card.

Chip Cards are much like your regular Debit Card, but smarter. These cards offer new defense systems against fraud and counterfeiting by implementing a chip on the card. Once the card is inserted into the card reader, the two validate the card and secure the transaction with a one-time code.

How do you use the Chip Card at a store? You can slide the card and if the terminal is chip enabled it will tell you to insert the card. When using the chip enabled terminal; insert the card face up, chip end first, and leave the card in the terminal until the screen tells you to remove the card.

How do you use your card at an ATM? Simply insert the card into the ATM and follow the instructions on the screen.

Read Our Chip Card FAQ for more information


Account Protection

Protect your checking account from overdraft fees by allowing us to make pre-authorized automatic transfers from a checking account, money market, or savings account designated by you. For more information, please contact us or visit us at one of our branches.

Business Accounts
Review the Corporate Account Takeover (CATO) Guide

Merchant Payment Services

Our merchant services program is designed to meet your specific needs in the growing payment industry. You can start taking advantage of credit and debit card growth through one of our many partner solutions.

Community State Banks merchant services helps you prosper by providing various solutions including traditional terminals and contactless devices, or web-based solutions. Contact a customer service representative or your local branch to discuss the options available.


Custom Check Ordering

Top quality checks printed right here. Available in business, duplicates, ledger or laser. Forget the shipping and handling fee’s you can now pick up your checks at your local branch. Ask to see our catalog of the most popular check styles when it’s time for you to reorder.

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Safe Deposit Boxes

A safe storage solution for all your valuables. With a variety of sizes you can pick the box that best fits your needs. Please stop in to see one of our Customer Services Representatives at your local branch for more information.

Discount on annual rental fee for Club Members.

Not FDIC insured.


Wire Transfers

Community State Bank can transmit a domestic or foreign wire on your behalf to another financial institution. For more information stop by or contact your local branch.